St George's Primary School
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Helping my Child at School


The school has a homework policy which parents are asked to support by signing work completed at home.     
Homework will be given regularly from P1-P7. It will consolidate work done in the class, provide opportunities for individual learning, and inform you of the kind of work your child is doing in school.
Tasks should take around fifteen minutes at early stages and thirty minutes for the upper stages. Homework will be given three to four times per week.
Homework will be varied. Reading, Spelling, Maths and topic-related work may be given, as well as independent research work. Health activities may also be part of the homework programme.
Pupils will be expected to maintain a high standard of presentation in their homework jotters. Parents are asked to ensure all homework is returned to school to be discussed in class.
‘Parents are Welcome’. We, the staff of St George’s, firmly believe that we can educate children most effectively with the full co-operation of parents and teachers in partnership. We therefore encourage parents to take an active part in the life of the school at times throughout the session.
Open evenings are held during the school year, when parents have an opportunity to discuss progress, and in private, any problems that may have arisen during the previous term. Parents are also welcome to visit the school at other times, providing an appointment is made through the Head Teacher. 
This session every teacher will invite parents to a class workshop to demonstrate how their children are taught.
Throughout the session, newsletters help keep parents informed of, and involved in, the life of the school. A curricular newsletter is sent out by each class on a termly basis to inform parents about their children’s learning.
The Parent Council meets monthly in consultation with the Head Teacher to discuss and act on current issues.
We have a Parent Council Fund-raising Group which meets regularly to raise funds for educational and social events. As part of Curriculum for Excellence we are trying to give children wider experiences both inside and outside school. This requires a significant amount of funding. Our Fundraising group help to provide some of these funds We hope all parents will support the activities of the group and particularly its efforts to assist the education of our children.
Parents and family are regularly invited to any special celebrations we have in school such as the St Andrew’s Day Assembly.
SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY LINKS                                                               
The school is an integral part of the community and we encourage the children to realise that they are members of that community and have a duty towards it.
The children are encouraged to use community centres and other local facilities.
The school has visits from the local clergy, road safety personnel, and police. Various other members of the community visit to explain and promote their function to the children.
As part of the wider community our P2 and P6 pupils work closely with Sandwood Primary on an anti-sectarianism programme each year.
The school has links with a number of business and community groups in the area, such as the St Vincent de Paul group who visit the school to involve children in helping to pack goods for the homeless.