St George's Primary School
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At present we have 10.9 full time teaching staff including the Head Teacher and Depute Head.
Mrs D Taylor
Head Teacher – overall responsibility for managing People, Policy, Resources, National Testing, Teaching and Learning.
Mr M. Pugh
Depute Head Teacher – responsibility for Learning Support, Staff Development, and various areas of the Curriculum.
Mrs McDermott                        Nurture Class/Principal Teacher
Mr Loughery                             Challenge Leader of Learning/PrincipalTeacher
Miss Flannery                           P1
Miss Kelly                                 P2
Mrs Sutherland                         P3        
Miss Thomson                          P4 (Probationer)
Miss McIntosh                          P5a (Probationer)
MrsRooney                               P5b 
Mrs Lorimer                              P6
Mrs Bayless                              P7
Mrs Simpson                           0.6
Mrs McLeod                            NCCT
Mr Campbell                            Janitor
Mrs C McColgan                      Clerical Assistant (DMR)
Mrs Urie                                   Clerical Assistant (DMR)
Mrs Cooke                               Pupil Support  (SfLW)
Miss Smyth                              Pupil Support Assistant (ASN -Nurture)
Mrs McBride                            Pupil Support (SfLW)                            
Miss Rennie                             Pupil Support (SfLW)
Mrs Corley                               Pupil Support (SfLW)
Mr Quinn                                 Pupil Support (SfLW)
Mrs Stuart                                Pupil Support (SfLW)
Mrs Bridges                             Dining Room Assistant